AI assistant
for inclusive communications

Create content and conversations that is free of unconscious bias and is representative of the diversity of your target audiences.

Attract and retain diverse talent. Build an inclusive culture.

Create conversations that are bias-free, safe, relevant, suitable, representative, and authentic.​

Inclusive messaging

Create bias free messages for your internal and customer communications.

Available on Slack and MS Teams

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Inclusive job posts

Create Jobs and talent marketing communications that are inclusive of the talent pool. Create job posts free of gender bias, age bias, racial bias and ableism.

Available on Lever and SmashflyX

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Inclusive marketing campaigns

Automated audit of campaigns and marketing communications to measure the degree of inclusive representation. Analyze text, images and video campaigns.

Available on WordPress and Drupal CMS

Our Customers

Words matter!

For employees

Build an inclusive culture

Eliminate toxicity, incivility, unconscious bias from employee chat and collaboration.

For recruiters

Attract diverse talent

Create inclusive job descriptions and bias free candidate communications.

For talent marketers

Attract diverse talent

Create inclusive talent marketing campaigns, career site copy and job listings.

For DEI leaders

Build an inclusive organization

Real-time analytics. Drive a consistent DEI standards across all communications

For community managers

Inclusive communities

Eliminate spam, fraud, toxicity, incivility and bias from online communities

For customer care

Representative & authentic customer chat

Inclusive and bias-free communications with your customers.


Inclusive marketing


Inclusive Marketing = Higher Purchase Intent

Free your content from
  • Unconscious bias
  • Culture blunders
  • Irrelevant to the context
  • Skewed representation
  • Misinformation
Business Functions Impacted
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Customer Care
  • Product

Inclusive conversations


Inclusive Communication & Collaboration = Greater Innovation + Reduced Employee Turnover

Free your content from
  • Microaggressions
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Bias
  • Toxicity
Business Functions Impacted
  • All Employees
  • Internal comms
  • Customer care
  • Marketing comms

Inclusive talent experience


Inclusive talent experience = Diverse Talent

Free your content from
  • Unconscious bias
  • Irrelevant to the context
  • Skewed representation
Business Functions Impacted
  • HR
  • L&D
  • Internal Communications
  • All Employees

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