Create personalized talent communications 10X faster.

ishield is a generative AI platform that helps HR teams create personalized content 10X faster at every touch point of talent and employee lifecycle. Our content recommendations are tailored to the brand, personalized for context, verified to eliminate biases and is available wherever you work online.

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Never miss the moment to engage with your people.

Create content that are bias-free, relevant, representative, and authentic at every touch point of the talent and employee lifecycle.

ishield helps

Talent marketers Recruiters DEI leaders Employer branding teams Social media managers L&D teams ERGs Employees

Create content wherever you work online.

Blog Content

Attract and engage talent

Write blog posts tailored to your brand in a fraction of time.

Career page copy

Overhaul your website

Create career site and landing page copy on any topic tailored to your brand

Job descriptions

Attract diverse talent

Create inclusive job posts convert them into internal job posts, social media posts

Social media content

Never miss a moment

Engage your audience with social media copy for every event

Candidate nuturing campaigns

Emails and chat

Produce email copy for sequences, drip campaigns and conversations in a click

Internal communications


Real-time language assistance to employees with bias-free content recommendations

How it works

Create tailored, on-brand and bias-free content, 10X Faster.

How it works screen

1. Enter your project details

Choose from job descriptions, candidate emails, blogs, career site copy, assessments, social media posts and more.

2. Enter key talking points

Give us some context and key talking points you want included. This helps in creating tailored content

How it works image

3. Choose refinement options (optional)

Choose advanced filters to refine the content recommendations. Add free text instructions to include or exclude certain phrases from content

4. Review and refine the results

Our AI content generator gives you content recommendations in a fraction of time. Edit or re-generate the content and save as template for future references.

Sample Email

5. Create multiple versions in a click

Create omni-channel content for distribution through various channels, while maintaining the context. All in real-time and at a click of a button.

6. Verify your edits

Get real-time language assistance to verify your edits and content refinement to eliminate bias. Check for  compliances and mandatory disclaimers prior to publishing

Bias check

Benefits of ishield.ai

Scale up and never miss the moment in engaging talent with on brand, verified and engaging content

10X faster

ishield helps you scale up. Create omni channel content and multiple versions in a click.

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Tailored for your brand

AI learns from your brand guidelines and preferences to create on-brand content and customized content.

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Verified for compliance

Automatic review to eliminate unconscious bias and stay compliant with brand policy, DEI standards and industry standards.


Content creators get real-time language assistance with 1:1 feedback and additional training material.

Across the talent lifecycle

Create content for talent attraction, recruitment, on-boarding, employee engagement, collaboration and growth.

Available wherever you work

Plugged into the most popular ATS, Talent CRM, CMS, HRIS, and Collaboration software.

One shot learning

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