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AI based bias detectors – does my organisation really need them?

AI bias detectors can revolutionise how we communicate. Whether they be job descriptions, mails, websites, blogs or even personal communications, these tools encourage careful, thoughtful and most importantly, deliberate communication. … Read More

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Pronouns listed

Challenges people face in using pronouns at work

Using someone’s pronoun correctly is a way to show respect and create an inclusive environment for all. However, there are many challenges people face while using pronouns at work, right from lack of awareness, hesitation and unconscious bias. Companies like Xerox are leading the path in creating safe spaces for people to be their authentic self. conducted a global survey of people to find out the challenges people face in using pronouns at work. … Read More

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Build a Diverse and Representative Workforce to Help Fight Workplace Inequality

Build a Diverse and Equally Represented Workforce to Help Fight Workplace Inequality … Read More

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Decoding bias coded words in Job Descriptions

Coded language in job descriptions creates a barrier for diverse talent to apply. In this blog we explore how to detect coded words in job descriptions and fix them. … Read More

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