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Safe suitable relevant and inclusive brand communications banner

[Part 2] Suitable relevant and inclusive context for brand communications

Solutions to publish safe, suitable, relevant and inclusive content in enterprise communications. … Read More

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Metrics to measure impact of inclusive representation in content

[Part 1] Measuring the impact of inclusive representation in content

Find out how you can measure inclusive representation in content. This means

Metrics for “is my content inclusive”: a degree / measure of representative and bias free content that you post.

Metrics for “impact of inclusive content”: this is through improved customer attraction, retention, reduced attrition, conversion metrics and anecdotal testimonies via direct people feedback. … Read More

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Story behind Dost logo and name

Why did we name our BOT for safe and inclusive online conversations as Dost? What does Dost mean? How did we develop the logo? What is the inspiration and how is it relevant to the work we do? … Read More

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Unlearning Series | Gender microaggressions at workplace

Gender microaggressions at workplace

What are gender microaggressions? How do they manifest in language? How do they impact an organization? How to respond to microaggressions? The role of technology to mitigate microaggressions and bias in content and conversations. … Read More

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